Machine Gun Kelly returned to his hometown of Cleveland to do all things all star during the 2022 NBA All-Star Game weekend. One of those things was to introduce one of the All-Star teams before the main event on Sunday night (Feb 20.)  Twitter thought it went poorly.

MGK, in a sparkly rhinestone sweater and pantsuit, brought on Team Durant.  He rolled out and thanked the hard working people of Cleveland and told them to make some noise, which they did.  Then things went south.  He forced a line meant to be self-deprecating to his hoop skills and to draw attention to his outfit, saying, "All right look, I'm not a great basketball...OK, I'm not even a good basketball player, but I did steal all of the Infinity Stones from Thanos, so LeBron, if you need me, I can probably sink something from half-court while I'm wearing this tonight. Just let me know, I'll be happy to step out."  Bomb city.  Crickets.

He wrapped up shortly after that, and Twitter pounced. Everything from, "MGK tryna be funny at the all star intro is causing me physical pain," to an unamused Shaq, to fish memes.  You can watch in the MGK's intro below.

Kelly was there with fiancé Megan Fox, who was risking a wardrobe malfunction in a black tube top.

Two days prior, MGK played in the Celebrity Game over All-Star Weekend that also featured rapper Jack Harlow and Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett among others.  Garrett was a force to be reckoned with. Here you can see him with some in-your-face disgrace while MGK looks on, then engages in a little smack talk.

Kelly had a bucket or two and made a nice assist at one point. But his best performance probably was practicing before the game.

Machine Gun Kelly Intro at NBA All-Star Game 2022

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