Llama on the loose!

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Well, he was recently, anyway. And it sounds like he gave the Kent County Sheriff's Office a bit of a hard time, galavanting around a local high school.

I feel like this might be a first for the Kent County Sheriff's Office. Every so often you'll hear about deer or other wild animals causing issues on school grounds, but a llama??

The Sheriff's Office shared to Facebook on Saturday, March 4:

This suspect was apprehended after a lengthy foot pursuit today at Forest Hills Eastern High School. No deputies were injured.


In an excited utterance, the Llama said he was trying to get to school to retrieve his dipllama after graduation. He was returned to his family shortly thereafter.

Glad the llama is safe and back where he belongs!

Kent County Sheriff's Office, Facebook
Kent County Sheriff's Office, Facebook

I just can't get over the above photo! He looks like he's basically sticking his tongue out at the cops.

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