There are certain concert memories you will always remember. Most have memories of a first show, but you're typically a little older before you feel brave enough to take part in a circle pit or go crowdsurfing. But over the weekend, a young girl was spotted taking her first crowd surf during Madball's performance at Tompkins Park in New York City.

In the middle of Madball's set, the youngster was elevated to the band's stage much to the amusement of singer Freddy Cricien. Just prior to her entry on the stage, you could spot a circle pit going with limbs flying out in the crowd, but as the song concluded and the band started to transition to their next song, the circle pit died down and fans toward the front of the stage seemed receptive to the youngster preparing to make her inaugural jump.

You can see footage shot by Feet First Productions of the full show at around the 18:10 mark below, but John Joseph of fellow rockers Bloodclot also captured and posted footage of this special moment to his Instagram account. As you'll see in both videos, the crowd clearly was looking out for this little one, who is just rife with anticipation as she bounces up and down to the music, building up the bravery to make her leap, although still a little tentative when she got to the front of the stage.

Joseph commented, "Special moment during the @madballnyc set Saturday. This little girl was amazing. We all had our first stage dive once upon a time. When was yours? Mine was early 1980 - The Teen Idols & The Untouchables from DC played at The Taj Mahal in Norfolk, Va."

It's great when fans look out for the youngsters anxious to get their first taste of a typical full grown metal or hardcore fan experience. Earlier this month we saw a young fan sitting atop his father's shoulders in the center of Slipknot's circle pit with a number of other older adults surrounding them so that the orbiting maggots could enjoy their fury while the kid got a memorable concert experience.

Enjoy this precious moment at approximately 18:10 in the video below.

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