So, there a lot of hippie-trippy garbage out there about giving birth, and some of them I can sort of see where people would think they might be good ideas. Then there are some, like this one, where you just think, "What the actual f***? Where do people get this crap?" The idea: Vaginal Seeding.

What is vaginal seeding? Basically, if you're having a C-section, they say you're supposed to put a rag in your vag to collect your juices. Then, when the baby comes out, you're immediately supposed to rub it all over the baby, wiping your vaginal juices all over the baby to "immunize" them correctly.

To vaginally seed a newborn properly, one must leave a strip of gauze in the vagina before delivery and then after birth, remove the strip and rub it and “your vaginal juices all over the baby’s face, mouth, skin, and anus” to give them their mother’s immune boosting bacteria.


I'm not a doctor, but I don't think that's how the immune system works. At all.

Plus, that's freaking WEIRD, man!

No one says, "Oh, let me immunize my penis correctly, by placing it into your vagina. It's for health, babe, and you want me to be healthy, right?"

Wait, now that I've written that out, that might be my new pick-up line.

Anyway, sorry, I digress. This weirdo, dopey idea came from a (very small) study in Puerto Rico, of 18 infants. The person conducting the experiment even doesn't claim this is real, and thinks it's probably better to just breast-feed and hold the baby.

Yeah, that sounds like a bit better idea, rather than slathering your child in vag-sauce. This isn't some kind of freaky hippie BBQ.

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