As dairy farms struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic because the demand has gone and they’re forced to dump somewhere in the range of 2.7 to 3.7 million gallons of milk each day otherwise it would spoil, Kroger has stepped in with a plan.

WNEM reports That Kroger grocery store chain will be donating 200,000 gallons of milk to food banks associated with Feeding America,  and other community organizations throughout the summer.

Kroger created the  “Dairy Rescue Program” prior to the coronavirus which partnered with their dairy suppliers to help provide nutrition to communities that are considered food-insecure, according to WNEM.  The 200,000-gallon donation is an expansion of that program.

WNEM says that the dairy farms will provide the milk that in non-COVID times would go to schools, hotels, and restaurants, and Kroger will process, package, and deliver the milk to the food banks.

I love that Kroger is committed to helping reduce food waste by also helping reduce hunger in our country.

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