Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has a winning idea if large, in-person concerts are off the table for 2021. Maybe the alt-metal veterans will be able to do a small club tour by the fall instead?

The rocker let slip the proposal in a recent interview focused on his other group, Love and Death. The side project that also features Breaking Benjamin's Jasen Rauch released a new album called Perfectly Preserved last month, but Welch still has an eye toward Korn for the rest of the year.

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Welch explained to hardDrive Radio this week that Korn will likely "get creative with getting through the majority of the year if we can't play shows," as Blabbermouth reported. "Korn's management and the band, we're just throwing things back and forth — 'What if we did this?' 'What if we did that?' — and we're getting pretty close to locking in some cool ideas."

The musician continued, "The crystal ball is showing me that we can have some shows in the fall. I think there's gonna be smaller shows happening. So I don't know if that means that Korn goes out and does a club tour, just to get to the fans and give them something, and to give us something to do. Or I don't know if it's something where you have to show proof that you got a vaccine."

Right now, many concert lovers are preparing for another year largely bereft of concerts, though perhaps not quite the drought of 2020. Some have predicted big events' return for later in the year, and U.S. states like Texas and Mississippi this month reopened with no restrictions whatsoever. But the Korn guitarist was level-headed about what the band could reasonably do.

"Common sense will tell you that getting 10,000 people into a place doesn't look too promising for this year, but you never know," Welch added. "But we'll see. And then Europe could be a different story. So I'm hoping … we can at least go over there and do some stuff."

Love and Death have also gotten creative about the ongoing lack of in-person concerts, performing a virtual record release show to celebrate their latest effort. Meanwhile, Korn are getting busy on some songwriting, throwing around musical ideas for a follow-up to 2019's The Nothing.

Brian 'Head' Welch Talks to hardDrive Radio - March 3, 2021

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