Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch credits Christianity for saving him from drug and alcohol addiction, but in a new interview, the seven-string favorite says he originally “went too far” with his preaching, admitting he “got obsessed with it, just like I was obsessed with drugs.”

Plenty of rock and metal musicians have found religion after getting sober, but Welch’s journey into spirituality became very public with a solo album and autobiography, both entitled Save Me From Myself. Welch got heavily involved into charity work, but his preaching rubbed some the wrong way.

While guesting on Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn’s No Fuckin’ Regrets podcast, Welch was asked if he believed religion became his “new addiction” after kicking alcohol, meth and Xanax. "The crazy thing is I had an experience with something from another dimension. And it wasn't the religion — going to church and being a good boy — it was, like, I felt something come into my house, and I can't explain it to this day. But I believe that it was Christ doing something in me. So that was real — that was very real."

"But yes, I think I went too far with it," he continued. "And I got obsessed with it, just like I was obsessed with the drugs. I believe I did, for sure. And I had to come out of that and find normalcy, because there's nothing worse than a freakin' irritating religious person just shoving it down your throat — there's nothing worse than that.”

He continues, “I'm just glad I got through [addiction]. And I'm glad that I am who I am now, and I have a lot of peace and rest for my soul. I feel very leveled and at peace with myself." [via Blabbermouth]

Welch and Breaking Benjamin guitarist Jasen Rauch recently reformed Love & Death, releasing the project’s first new song in seven years, “Down.” The group’s second full-length album, Perfectly Preserved, was released Feb. 12.

“My message with my solo music — and even with Korn — the message has been, ‘You’re not alone. You’re not in this alone,’” Welch recently told Loudwire.

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