With the year winding down, we've compiled our Best Hard Rock and Metal Albums and Hard Rock and Metal Songs, but we've also asked for reflection on 2018 from some of our favorite rockers as well. Korn's Brian "Head" Welch and his daughter Jennea both recently shared their picks with us for some of the year's best music, with Head singling out The Fever 333 and Bring Me the Horizon among his picks for the year.

"The Fever 333," the guitarist immediately offered upon being asked the best of 2018. "We were at [John] Feldmann's studio. We worked with Feldmann and so the Fever guys, they played some demos and they talked about this guy Stephen who is the guitar player. I know him from The Chariot. The Chariot was this hardcore band with the craziest live show I've ever seen ever. They just run on top of the crowd's heads and get to the soundboard almost, I've seen 'em run so far. So I was a fan and they got my attention. But when I heard Fever's music, there was no question. Yeah, it's got the punk feel and the Rage [Against the Machine] roar and it's relevant. I think it stands on its own. People will make the Rage comparison, but they have something of their own too. Travis Barker also worked with them, so Fever 333. I guess we're giving them a great plug." The band issued their Made an America EP earlier this year, with plans to serve up their full-length debut Strength in Numb333rs on Jan. 18.

The guitarist also added, "I've also always loved Bring Me the Horizon and I really like their new stuff." The band issued the single "Mantra" in late summer and followed with the Dani Filth-featuring track "Wonderful Life" in the fall. The new album Amo is due Jan. 25.

Head went on to state, "I'm proud of all of our friends that are out there keeping rock alive. Breaking Benjamin are doing killer. Five Finger Death Punch are doing killer and I'm really looking forward to the new Papa Roach. So yeah, rock's doing good. I don't know what all these people are saying. Live, it's doing fine live. Who cares if it's not in the mainstream pop whatever? That'll come back in due time. Everything does. Adam Levine can say anything he wants."

Showing that solid taste runs in the family, Head's daughter Jennea also offered up her own pick. "I also love XXXtentacion," she stated. "He passed away recently, but his album just came out on the 6th and it's called Skins and it's so good. There are like two hip-hop songs, but the rest is all alternative rock and some like tribal sounds. It's so good."

As for Korn, Head says they are hard at work on a new album and will return to the studio in January. The guitarist says that while no release date is confirmed, it's his hope that the album is fi

What are your favorites from 2018? Let us know in the comments section below.

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