Are KISS planning to play a concert in Antarctica? A South Pole gig appears to be in the cards for the legendary rock band as bassist and co-vocalist Gene Simmons hinted at performing at "the coldest place on Earth."

Prior to the pandemic outbreak, KISS had originally set July 17, 2021 as the date of their very last show together, marking the conclusion of the exhaustive "End of the Road" farewell tour. The shutdown of the touring industry worldwide delayed those plans, with a U.S. summer run now booked for next summer and into the fall. The dates represent just a small portion of the band's scheduled stops, however.

Speaking about KISS' continued farewell tour plans, Simmons told Marci Wiser of  95.5 KLOS, "We've already booked Europe outdoors. Most of the shows have already sold out. We start in summer. The vaccines are gonna be out there for everybody, oh, by January, February, March at the latest, but we're gonna be out there a few months after that. And we've literally got a hundred and fifty cities booked."

"We're gonna continue this tour, which we stopped after doing a 110 cities," he continued. "We've got another hundred and fifty cities to go, and who knows how long, but some of the later ones are gonna be jaw-dropping."

Although he couldn't reveal too many details, Simmons did seem to suggest a show in the southern most region on the planet. The KISS legend added, "You can't imagine what we've got planned — like, beyond… I said, 'No. We can really do that?' They said, 'Yup. Yup.' The political people said we can play there. And so there's gonna be stuff that's just gonna make you go, 'That's the coolest.'"

Revealing just a bit more information, he noted, "There's one place that's the coldest place on Earth and if you can imagine us playing there with even larger pyro than you've ever seen, because there's nothing around there. But that's all I'll say about it."

According to the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the coldest place on Earth is the East Antarctic Plateau, which recorded a record low temperature of -144 degrees Fahrenheit in 2013. Perhaps, Simmons is simply alluding to the continent on the whole, rather than the potential for a concert at that specific location.

Last year, KISS played an at-sea concert that was intended to lure sharks near the boat from which they were performing. Next year, maybe Antarctica's resident emperor penguins will get a glimpse of their black-and-white brethren in rock.

While the world waits for the return of in-person concerts, KISS have booked a New Year's Eve livestream event from Dubai, India dubbed 'KISS 2020 Goodbye.' Get details here.

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