This is something I thought I remembered hearing when I was a kid. Yesterday I went back to research if it was true or not and amazingly, I think it is. Herbert Birdsfoot, a Muppet from Sesame Street, once spoke of a tale about the King from Kalamazoo on a collaborative effort assembled to educate children on the letters of the alphabet. This effort was not in vein, as Herbert himself recalls the great tale of this seemingly royal apparition.

Nobody is quite sure how long or when his reign of ruling was, but as the tale goes: There once was a king from Kalamazoo
Who had a kicky kangaroo
Now the kindly kangaroo named Kay
Played a keen kazoo both night and day
'Twas the kind of kazoo that went koo-koo
Koo-Koo Koo-Koo went Kay's kazoo
And when the kindly king of Kalamazoo saw Kay the kangaroo's kazoo
He said right here in Kalamazoo, we'll build a zoo for a kangaroo
And so when you are passing through
Stop by and you can listen to
The Kalamazoo zoo's kangaroo play koo-koo-koo on her kazoo"
Sadly, we'll never know why the zoo was never built in Kay's honor. Their stories, as they were, will have to remain legend. I know he's a Muppet, but Muppets don't lie. Listen to Herbert Birdsfoot's recollection of the tale below.


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