New wave nu-metal band King 810 have dropped off their upcoming tour with Cane Hill and confirmed the departure of multiple members. Speaking on the tour, frontman David Gunn cited "compounding obstacles" that led to the decision. "We apologize to our fans and we will make this up to you in the future," he wrote in an official statement.

He also took the opportunity to answer any questions fans had regarding the band's current state. It has been rumored that the band are now a two-piece, having recently lost guitarist Andrew Beal and drummer Andrew Workman. Replying to a fan who referenced only Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill, he said, "We're not sorry anyone [is] gone. No one is missed. The fat has been trimmed, we're coming back stronger than ever, without weakness." And to another, he claimed that Beal "quit the band."

Replying to a fan who expressed disappointment at King not having a guitarist on stage the last time they saw them live, he said, "We keep the guitarist behind the stage. We're a bit of an industrial band who uses a lot of programming and sampling. If you're disappointed I think it's because you have the wrong preconceived assumptions. Of course we 'made it dark'... we worship the devil."

As The PRP pointed out, Gunn also confirmed that work on what will be King's third full-length album has commenced, despite lineup instability. You can read the vocalist's Facebook post below.

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