Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes stopped into Grand Rapids on Wednesday night on their "Reboot Roadshow" tour, and we were lucky enough to get Kevin to agree to come on the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show this morning.

Of course, we spent a lot of time talking about "Jay and Silent Bob - Reboot". But, Kevin wanted to take a minute to talk about Grand Rapids which he called a "little paradise".

Talking about all of the great things we have here in our city, he said that he considers Grand Rapids to be the "best kept secret in the state".

This led to Kevin learning a bit more about Grand Rapids, including the fact that Amway was started here and that "American Pie" was based off of Grand Rapids and that the movie "The End of the Tour" was filmed right here in our building.

Kevin really thought that he had "discovered" Grand Rapids until he learned that movies have been filmed here.

Want to see our entire chat with Kevin? Check out this video.

Check out the full trailer for "Jay and Silent Bob - Reboot" here:

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