Flat-out hilarious movie trailer. Watch as Elmo gets laid and Snoop, well lets just say the "pornizzle is the shizzle" to him.  Here's the trailer descrp~

Pop sensation Katy Pervy knows what sells her music: SEX! Well, that and a sexy voice that could only get that way via daily deep throat vocal exercises. So, Katy Pervy goes on a XXX adventure, from her cleavage-filled appearance with everybody's favorite red puppet, Elmer, to kissing a girl and liking it so much that it evolves into a hot & heavy lesbian party!

Featuring parodies of all of Katy's famous horny friends, Ka$$ha, Rihandjob, Lady Gagger, Snoop Dong, and Russell Gland, as they f___ their way up the charts!

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