New cases of Coronavirus have been falling in southeastern Michigan, but over the last week, we've started to see a steady rise in several West Michigan communities.  And the area that seems to be have the most rapid increase in cases in West Michigan is the Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan area.

The New York Times has put together a COVID-19 tracking tool that ranks the daily growth rate of cases and deaths and Kalamazoo-Portage ranks high on both charts.

Of all of the metropolitan areas in the country, Kalamazoo-Portage ranks 10th in "Highest avg. daily growth rate of deaths" with a daily growth rate of 8%.  In addition, Kalamazoo-Portage ranks 21st in "Highest avg. daily growth rate of cases" with a daily growth rate of 6%.

Kalamazoo County still has a relatively low case count of 563, but the majority of those cases have come in the last 2 weeks.

It's unclear if the case count will continue to rise as rapidly (doubling every 12 days as reported by the NYT), but as of right now, this area has the highest average daily growth rate in the state.

You can stay up to date with all of West Michigan's COVID-19 cases with a dashboard created by Kent County.

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