At News Team GRD we get to the bottom of questions YOU need answers to.  That's why after I received this e-mail from an "Iceman 812" I knew I had to dig deep on this highly important issue and be that no-holds barred investigative mouthpiece you've come to expect.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association is staging a protest at the Amway Grand Hotel November 16th 2011 at 8:30am.

The Attorney General Bill Schuette is holding a closed door Seminar at the Amway Grand Hotel for Law Enforcement and Government officials. This is held as an educational seminar when in reality the AG is forming and setting policy in his seminars. This is clearly a violation of the closed door meeting act. His attacks on the Medical Marijuana community can no longer go unchallenged and he leaves us no recourse but to stand up to his abuse of power and Grand Rapids is the first on the list of his 4 seminars.

We will be staging protest at all of his seminars to ensure Mr Schutte understands 63% of the people voted for this law and this is the will of the people!

After reading this press release (sent to me just hours before the event mind you) I grabbed the GRD video recorder and headed out.  Problem was the protest as stated in the e-mail was supposed to begin at 8:30am.  I got there at 8:28am and nobody was around, damn high-ons. It did finally get started in the 9am hour.  Watch my investigative prowess as I dig deep to get answers others would be uncomfortable with.   I hope I did you proud GRD listener