Johnny Rotten had a hopeful offer for those struggling with mental health issues after the tragic death of The Prodigy singer Keith Flint earlier this week.

Lamenting that many musicians feel "left alone" in the entertainment industry, the Public Image Ltd figurehead and former Sex Pistols upsetter seemingly said anyone struggling can come to him for some understanding.

At least that's what he told TMZ when one of their camera handlers caught up with the punk icon at a recent screening of the Punk docuseries, and at a time when other musicians are also remembering the rocker.

"My heart is broken for him," Rotten tearfully told the paparazzo. "[Flint] was a good friend of mine. ... But nobody loved him, and he was left alone, and he got destroyed. Why? Why do so many people in this industry be left alone?"

As an apparent attempt to answer that question, the veteran vocalist extended an arm of outreach to those watching. He unflinchingly eyed the TMZ camera and suggested those in need of a sympathetic ear can talk to him.

"Come to me, I'm Johnny," Rotten said.

Further, when asked if drugs likely played a part in Flint's death, the PiL frontman responded in the affirmative. But he stopped short of blaming substances, instead urging friendship and community for mental health.

"Probably," the musician replied, "but what you gotta understand is [we're] not looking after each other anymore, and we should. Any other of you out there that need help, come talk to me. We do not need to die."

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