Skillet is set to rock The Intersection tomorrow night with Sick Puppies and Devour the Day!

To get everyone excited for the show, Skillet's frontman John, called GRD. We talked about the current tour, the single "Feel Invincible" becoming a huge song for sporting events, traveling with his kids on the road, and more.

At the beginning of August, Skillet stopped by GRD to play an acoustic show for listeners and announce their October 6 show at the Intersection. Their headlining tour started soon after and John says things are going really well, with lots of shows selling out:

We're so thrilled that the fans are coming and everyone is having a good time. I love it when people leave the show feeling better than shey they came because there's a lot of terrible things happening in the world right now, and people need a break. They need an escape from that and that's to me what rock and roll really provides. "

Skillet's first single from their Unleashed album, "Feel Invincible" has become a go-to at sporting events, and the official theme song of WWE Battleground 2016. In talking about that, John said,

It's really cool-- we started a relationship with WWE a few years ago when 'Monster' came out. And I think someone there, in charge of music, that was a fan of the band back then contacted us, so since then we've kept that relationship going...

'Feel Invincible' has been used in every major sporting event in America now. It's on the NFL-- It was on the opening game of the NFL season. The Broncos ran out to 'Feel Invincible' and then it just kind of went everywhere-- Major League Baseball, and college football. It was played at the NHL World Cup. It's been really crazy to see how this song has gone everywhere. It's a great thing."

Korey, John's wife, is Skillet's guitarist and keyboardist, and the two have toured with their children Alexandra and Xavier since they were born. John talks about what it's like touring with his family:

We've always done the road thing. My kids have played with Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath. We toured Europe with Nickelback. They've toured with Godsmack, Papa Roach, Five Finger. It's crazy. I don't know if they know how awesome it is yet [laughs]. They love it. They love making friends with the bands. I remember my daughter Alex showing her Barbie Dolls to Maria [Brink] from In This Moment."

Get Skillet's new album "Unleashed" now and make sure you get tickets for their show tomorrow night at The Intersection!

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