Today on Segment 16, the guys tell stories about the protest rallies that just screwed up Joe's weekend. So many people yelling at each other, and no one changing anyone else's mind. So much anger.

Since Joe lives sort of close to downtown, he decided to wander down this weekend for food. While walking, he ran into a crowd of people marching in the street, chanting, but still being pretty orderly.

Then, after he passed through that group, he came across another group, doing the same thing, but for different reasons. They were also being orderly.

Until the two groups came sort of near each other. That's when the name-calling, and yelling, and childish behavior began. As you'd expect when protesters meet "the enemy".

Hot Wings also has a recent run-in with some protesters, this time while the guys were in Portland a few weeks ago.

The guys just don't have the energy or the passion for this protest thing...

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