Jager Henry, grandson of the late, legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, has teamed up with Korn skinsman Ray Luzier on the melodic new pop-punk song "Love Yourself."

The songs stretches just over two minutes and the duo use their time quite efficiently, taking things from a melodic opening with a pounding backbeat, followed by a verse that gradually ticks up in energy before the refrain of "What would I want to love anyone else / When I can't even love myself / Fucking up my mental health / Wondering if anyone knows now," comes soaring over it all.

Jager Henry takes front and center on lead vocals, adopting a gruff, weathered tone that will inevitably draw sharp comparisons to another relative pop-punk newcomer, Machine Gun Kelly.

"Music is in my blood," Jager Henry began. "Growing up as a third generation musician with a lot to live up to is tough but I chose a slightly different path musically. My voice is my instrument, my genre is a little different too but it’s all rock ‘n’ roll."

Regarding "Love Yourself," he offered, “It is truly about finding love for yourself before portraying toxic love to anyone else. We must first love ourselves before anyone else."

Take a listen below.

Jager Henry, "Love Yourself" ft. Ray Luzier

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