Alright so apparently there is an entire world of people out there who are as odd or more so than myself! They like a little thing called cosplay and until my web director, Steve introduced me to it recently I did not know that I too LOVE cosplay! So I'm trying to get into this here, I actually have a few that I have done recently and I want to add to my cosplay repertoire because lets face it, dressing up in costumes is freaking sweet!

I have recently done Mad Hatter, Corpse Bride, and Red Riding Hood. I couldn't do it with out my partner in crime though, Perri, she owns this awesome thrift store, Flashbacks On Leonard and between our 2 creative minds we come up with some crazy stuff! What should my next costume adventure be? Help me come up with my next costume and I'll put it together!

Corpse Bride


Red Riding Hood Take 1


Red Riding Hood take 2!