Stoners! The best holiday of the year is upon us!

With 4/20 right around the corner, there are so many deals happening that you can take advantage of.

Here is a list of a bunch of 4/20 deals that are happening in West Michigan.

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West Michigan 4/20 Deals

This is what you came for! Let us cannabis!

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva


NOXX has so many great 4/20 deals including 5/$25 Mix and Match Select 200mg Gummies deal.

Other NOXX deals include:

You can check out more NOXX 4/20 deals!

Olswell 4/20 Deals

Olswell typically has some pretty good weekly deals on a day-to-day basis.

Other Olswell 4/20 deals include:

Now that you know all of the deals to get your bud, you need something for the munchies.

West Michigan 4/20 Food Deals

There are so many deals for weed connoisseurs.

Jimmy Johns

‘dime bag’


In the 'dime-bag' goodie bag, you will get a sandwich, brownie, and a crap ton of chips, as a way to celebrate the nation's ‘dopest’ holiday.

You can get all of these for $10 if you use promo code DIMEBG nationwide now until April 21st.

You could also get a Jimmy John's rolling tray if you are the lucky few.

How iconic!


Popeyes is joining in the 'high' fun with its $4.20 Chicken Sandwich deal and Munchies Menu offerings. You can get them through their mobile app.


Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies is offering a limited-edition 4/20 menu!

From Friday, April 19th to Sunday, April 21st, you can snag a free Classic cookie with any $5 in-store purchase when you show the Insomnia Cookies App.

If you are an in-store customer, you can also trade a canned, packaged, or sealed food item that is "within the best-by-date" for a Classic cookie. All donated food will be given to local food banks.


Wingstop is bringing back their 4/20 tradition - their 'Wingstop Hot Box' with a new, limited-time flavor - T.H.C. (The Hot Chili Rub).

Wingstop Restaurants Inc.

Do you get it?

This 'Wingstop Hot Box' ends on 4/21.


Since National Cold Brew Day falls on 4/20, Dunkin is offering a free cold brew with any other Dunkin product.

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