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According to a recent article by NewsWeek, scientists say that parts of Michigan could be completely underwater.

What parts of Michigan would be affected?

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Will Parts Of Michigan Be Underwater Soon?

A new interactive map is showing how Michigan's lakes may expand, which will widen the shorelines and submerge the surrounding areas!

Michigan is literally shaped by water, which is why it is called the "Great Lakes State."


This can be a HUGE issue with more than 30 million people living alongside the Great Lakes.


If the lakes expand, that would cause neighborhoods, homes and workplaces to be under the lake's water.

In a 2022 report of new research from the researchers at the American Geophysical Union, they shared that the "baseline lake level for Lake Superior, Michigan-Huron, and Erie are expected to rise by roughly 20 to 50 centimeters by 2050."

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you want to conduct your own research, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has created a tool that allows residents and other curious people to do just that.

Should We Be Concerned?

If the LWD level of Lake Michigan rises to 10 feet - the worst-case scenario - it would be catastrophic for us all.


The rising water could flood into Muskegon Lake and spill over as far inland as the North Channel Muskegon River.

As for the eastern side of the state, if Lake Huron's levels rise, entire neighborhoods such as Essexwille, Bangor Township, and Bay County will be underwater.

That is a lot of information to process and digest.

You can read the full article for more information on the warning from scientists.

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