A contestant from Michigan walked away with over $15,000 on 'Wheel of Fortune' Monday (5/13) but couldn't hear me yelling the right answer during the show's bonus round.

Stephen Hilles is a Relationship Banker with JP Morgan Chase Bank. He lives in New Haven, Michigan with his wife Melissa and their four boys. New Haven is in Macomb County, about 35 miles northeast of Detroit.

I'm completely on board with one nugget Stephen shared during the interview portion of the show, telling longtime host Pat Sajak that he could eat pizza every day. I was rooting for Steve to win big right from the start!

Solving Puzzle After Puzzle on Wheel of Fortune

Stephen started strong during his Monday night appearance on the long-running show. Although he didn't get the first puzzle, he was quick on the buzzer and rang in to solve the second tossup puzzle of the night. Take a look at the pic and keep in mind the category, which was occupation. Could you have solved it?

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Wheel of Fortune Tossup Puzzle
Sony Pictures Television

Stephen correctly rang in with the answer:  Laboratory Technician.

Up next, it was a 'Before and After' puzzle. See if you can get this one before I reveal the answer.

Wheel of Fortune Before & After
Sony Pictures Television

Our friend from Michigan had some good luck with the wheel and correctly solved this one too, picking up $1,200. The answer:  Slot Machine Washable.

Stephen was on a roll, and correctly solved the next puzzle too. This time, the category is 'Phrase.' See if you can figure it out.

Wheel of Fortune Phrase
Sony Pictures Television

Did you come up with 'You're in for a real treat?' Stephen sure did, and he snagged another $2,000.

The other contestants probably felt like the player from Michigan couldn't be stopped, and they were right.

At this point in the show, it was time for the Express Round, and Stephen cleaned up again. Keep in mind the category was 'What are you doing?' and take a look.

Wheel of Fortune What are you Doing
Sony Pictures Television

If you came up with 'Lounging on my balcony,' you're right. Stephen came up with the right answer and won a trip to Washington DC worth $7,000.

On to the Bonus Round

So, after solving five puzzles (including two tossups) correctly, Stephen Hilles from Michigan was the show's winner, moving on to the Bonus Round.

Stephen introduced Pat to his wife Melissa and two of their boys, Matt and Micah.

In the Bonus round, Stephen was gifted with the letters, R, S, T, L, N, and E as all finalists are. He added C, B, H, and A, leaving only three blank spaces on the board.

At this point, Pat Sajak always reminds the audience to be very quiet, but I never pay attention to that - I was yelling the answer at the TV, but apparently, Mr. Hilles couldn't hear me.

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round
Sony Pictures Television

Stephen danced all around the right answer, guessing Rush Ahead, Wish Ahead, Dash Ahead, and Wash Ahead.

Unfortunately, he didn't come up with 'Push Ahead' and didn't win an extra $40,000. At the end of the night, he won $13,350 including a trip to Washing DC. Congratulations, Stephen.

I tried my best to help, but he didn't listen.


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