A Michigan man has been asked to be the voice of the rock band Firehouse.

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The Tri-County Times reports that former Lake Fenton graduate Nate Peck, 23, was asked to take over vocal duties for the band following the recent passing of original Firehouse singer, CJ Snare.

Peck had previously filled in for Snare at FireHouse shows, hoping he would eventually be well enough to return to the stage.

Snare passed away after a long battle with cancer on Friday, April 5th, 2024, at 64.

This is not Nate's first time in the spotlight. You may remember seeing him on 'American Idol' in March 2023. The talented singer chose to perform 'Lightnin' Strikes Again' by Dokken and blew the judges away.

Peck had all three judges out of their chairs with applause. Katy Perry even threw herself on top of a piano, while Luke Bryan attempted to sing as high as Nate Peck as you will see (and hear) in the video below.

Nate chose to leave the popular show during Hollywood Week, moved to Nashville, and now resides in Michigan once again.

According to a recent report, with the blessing of CJ Snare's family and friends, Nate Peck has recently accepted the role of lead singer of FireHouse.

We certainly wish Nate Peck and FireHouse all the best. We look forward to seeing you on the road soon.

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