Curiosity is what drove me to look for drone images of my hometown of Stockbridge.

There are a few videos out there that circle around the Stockbridge water tower and others buzz thru downtown…but I would like to see more drone images of the neighborhoods…THESE are what we grew up in – NOT the water tower. Which, by the way, isn’t even the original water tower. The old one stood in the empty patch of land that is right behind Mugg & Bopps. At the time, though, I recall it was a Sinclair gas station in the 60s. Many a kid climbed that water tower to spray paint their names for all to see.

I’ve added some drone shots in the gallery below that go thru the Beckwith Preserve, a place I used to go camp and fish in the creek. We also built a creaky tree house back in the woods and attempted to build a raft so we could take it out on Nichols Lake. It sank.

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Which brings me to this: all my life I heard the tale about a Civil War cannon that is supposedly buried at the bottom of Nichols Lake. True or false? If true, it’s probably been long gone, sunk down into the quicksand. And if it is, why hasn’t anyone tried to locate it? With all the sonar and radar technology available, why not head out there and give it a shot? I know of NOBODY who has dared to scuba dive at Nichols Lake, due to the threat of quicksand.

But back to the drones. I’d like to see more areas covered like the old original high school, elementary school, MacArthur’s Woods, the cemetery, the old dump south of town, a good buzz around the bowling alley, and most of all - the handful of neighborhoods where we all grew up and had fun.

It’s kind of bittersweet to see shots of the original tennis courts, now leveled over into a parking lot…and the park which was once the football field where all the school games were held along with the homecoming festivities.

Take a look at the gallery below and see how Stockbridge appears in the 2020s...then come back HERE and see how the town looked over 100 years ago!

Drones Over Stockbridge, Michigan


Inside the Old Rowe Hospital, Stockbridge

The Shadow Village of Unadilla

Vintage Bunker Hill Photos




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