Since Michigan has become a legal marijuana state, both medically, and recreationally, business has been booming. Dozens of licenses are issued every year now in communities as small as Sturgis, or of course as big as Detroit, and it's become a big money industry.

But which cities and counties are making the most in tax dollars from the sale of cannabis in the state of Michigan? The answers might shock a few people.

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We've all heard of the "Green Mile" in Battle Creek, and of course a number of dispensaries hold major positions in communities all across the state now. It's become commonplace and even embraced by many of the communities the dispensaries are in.

That's because the counties, and cities, are making a ton of money off sales. It's not just the businesses making that dough.

It should come as no surprise as to which counties in the state had the most distribution.

  1. Wayne County
  2. Washtenaw County
  3. Kent County
  4. Oakland County
  5. Bay County

All told, the state brought in $87 million in shared revenue, which is up from $59.5 million in 2022.

As for the communities that had the most distribution, it pretty well goes right down the list of big cities, but the distribution numbers are insane!

  1. Detroit - 1,949,850 Distributions
  2. Ann Arbor - 1,536,245 Distributions
  3. Lansing - 1,418,072 Distributions
  4. Grand Rapids - 1,358,986 Distributions
  5. Kalamazoo - 1,063,554 Distributions

For the 20203 state fiscal year, there was more than $290.3 million available for distribution from the Marihuana Regulation Fund. State law then outlines how much is distributed from that fund.

And for those who still have issues with marijuana in the state of Michigan, keep in mind that a portion goes toward public programs as well. In 2023, $101.6 million was sent to the School Aid Fund for K-12 Education, and another $101.6 million was granted to the Michigan Transportation Fund.

So in a way, it's literally been Pot for Potholes in Michigan... also better education.

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