This past weekend, Michigan, and really a large part of the country, were treated to an incredible show in the night sky. A large geomagnetic storm was projected from the sun, and its radiation impacted Earth's Atmosphere, reacts, and creates what we know as the Aurora Borealis, aka "The Northern Lights."

At least, that's what the actual scientists are telling us happened. Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists have their own thoughts on what we saw in the sky, and it may come as no shock to find out, they think it's a government coverup.

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A post is going around on social media from an account on facebook owned by Gigi Winters. And truth be told, I didn't go look up her personal information. I didn't fell the need to, considering how unhinged, and unbased this theory is, I don't need to put her on blast anymore than this.

But Miss Winters here believes this nighttime show from the Aurora Borealis wasn't what we were told it was.

"Did Y'all enjoy the fabricated light show? Stop giving them so much credit. This was NOT the Aurora Borealis."

Winters is one of a few conspiracy theorists online that believe the lights we saw in the sky weren't because of the solar storm, but rather the result of a HAARP experiment (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) happening in Alaska.

She explains that the experiment creates an airglow that excites the electrons in the Earth's ionosphere, which is very similar to what happens with the Aurora Borealis. And she's not wrong, HAARP is a real program with its main lab located in Alaska, and can emit some lights similar to the Aurora above its testing station.

BUT... it's in small amounts, and it's low atmosphere reactions, whereas the Aurora we saw this weekend was all through the top layers of the planet's atmosphere. Not to mention, Literally MILLIONS of people in the northern hemisphere (and some in the southern hemisphere, too), saw them.

It's important to note, that YES, she's saying a lot of big words that are... kind of... a thing, but in the abridged words of the character Inigo Montoya...

"You keep saying (those words). I do not think it means what you think it means."

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