If there's one church I think we could all follow it would be the Church of Kermit The Frog. It doesn't mean we have to worship the infamous muppet, just gather and discuss our admiration and appreciation for all he's given us. Sadly, it's not a thing, but many people are calling a former school building in Standish, MI The Church of Kermit for another reason.

The building, which was signed as a casino gambling help & consultation center and school is currently vacated and waiting to be sold. However, the current owner apparently thought it was a great idea to paint it a yellow-green color that strongly resembles the color of Kermit The Frog, which is why one person said they called it the Kermit Church:

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What Is The Building Exactly

One person on the post suggests the paint job was merely a ploy:

I heard the owner wants the casino to buy it for $$$$ and is making it as ugly as possible so they will buy it just to get rid of the eyesore. It was never an actual gambling help center, just part of the game.

Another local is saying the person's claims are true:

This is sadly exactly what happened. And now the building sits empty, basically not much more than a shell (no walls, no flooring, stairs to the second story are gone), and insanely overpriced. I called around a year ago and they were asking $200-250k!!! Sadly, this building is the definition of a money pit.

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