Times are tough for everyone. Prices for literally everything is up, while wages have been slow to react, so a lot of people are seeking side hustles to make up the extra cash to pay the bills. Some people pick up part-time gigs at fast food joints, or work part time with other businesses.

Others, will take up additional income options online via streaming, or other means. But there is one job listing in Ann Arbor that... while it PAYS a lot, might not be worth the oddity of it all... and it's only for the ladies apparently.

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I was scrolling through Twitter this week, looking for a good meme to share with friends, and came to one of my favorite accounts locally, @Kalamazoo_memes. And THAT is where I learned of the weirdest, and honestly most disgusting job listing I've ever seen.

Of course, this came from a meme account, so I needed to be sure it was real, and low and behold, YES, it does exist on Craigslist. Be forewarned, it isn't for the faint of heart, or anyone with a sensitive smeller...

"Seeking a Woman for a Weird Job"

... we're off to a good start.

"Before I say anything, I should specify that this is SERIOUS. It's a weird job, but I'm completely serious about this offer."

OK, we get it. Not a joke. Continue please...

"Basically, looking to hire a woman to fart in my face."


"It'll be a long-term position that would involved literally just you farting. Obviously, I will work with your level of comfortability and gain mutual trust, but I'm looking for someone who can make this as fun in real life as it is in my head."

OK... lemme just pause for a second, and point out that whoever this person is, they have now indicated that they have NOT done this before, and they just think it would be a fun idea to do.

Clearly this person didn't have brothers growing up, because someone farting in your face is NOT fun. But I digress. Let's hear him out for the rest of this... job offering.

"I'll discuss all details via text. Please send a picture of you or a description of what you look like. I'm a graduate student at UMich. Normal, attractive, easy-going, and easy to get along with."

... he had to describe himself as "normal" while inquiring about someone to fart in his face. That should say enough.

"No preferences for any ages, races, body types -- all welcome and more than encouraged. The more the merrier! But I am just looking for one person."

Alright, so that's the job... what does it pay?

"Pay is negotiable, but I'm looking at around $800-$1,000 per week for the right person."


WHAT!!??!?!? $800-$1,000... PER WEEK!!!?!?!?

First of all, What UMich grad student can afford that kind of pay for someone EVERY week? Not to mention, for something that I've been doing for free multiple times a day for my entire life?

For the record, YES, this is a real listing, and it is on Craigslist. But we have left off his contact info in this article to protect his identity some. If you really are interested in the gig, though, it CAN be found on Craigslist with a quick search in the Ann Arbor area. And trust me... it's the only one like this on there.

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