Those of us lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) enough to live in certain parts of the Midwest are starting to hear and see the results of the largest-ever awakening of cicada broods. Both the 13- and 17-year broods have begun to spring from the ground, and they are everywhere.

But as annoying as it may be, it is to be celebrated for lovers of unique happenings in nature, as the last time this happened was more than 200 years ago. Some places have actually chosen to commemorate the event with certain specials, including one bar in Chicago, who is offering a Cicada-infused edition of a Chi-Town staple: Malort.

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The Lombard Brewpub in Chicago, with the help of Noon Whistle Brewing, has procured a "once-in-a-lifetime" edition of the city's infamous Malort liquor, infused with "locally harvested cicadas."

According to the description:

"Lobster-Like Flavor Sensation: Believe it or not, the 17-year-old virgin cicadas bring a flavor reminiscent of succulent lobster to this insanely delicious concoction. It's a taste you won't find anywhere else, and it's only available once every 17 years!"

In fact, the procurers of this awful concoction actually recommend putting the husk of a cicada in the drink before throwing it back. They encourage patrons to bring in your saved cicada husks. "It's the ultimate personalized alcoholic cicada broth experience."

Ugh. Gross. Don't EVER say the words "Cicada" and "Broth" in the same sentence ever again.

Cicada Malort
Facebook/Noon Whistle Brewing

Surprisingly, it IS real, and while it might not ACTUALLY taste like Lobster, it is a fun (albeit gross) novelty, and completely safe. Cicadas are packed with nutrients, and there are cultures that will actually harvest cicadas when they emerge, and have recipes to cook them.

The only concern might be, if you are allergic to shellfish, to avoid any cicada dishes, or drinks, since their shells are made of similar material.

So, I guess... cheers to the Cicadas? (gross)

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