For Tiktok Tuesday, we're highlighting a Southwest Michigan ranch that has one mission: to connect people and horses.

I once was a child who took horseback riding lessons. Then, things got a bit too expensive and I, unfortunately, had to give it up.

But, it was an otherworldly experience. Galloping through the woods, I often imagined myself to be a warrior princess on the run from her sworn enemy, or something equally as dramatic.

While my childhood fantasies may have subsided, the memory of joy from horseback riding didn't. I think it's something everyone should try at least once. And, you can at an Allegan area ranch.

Rise and Ride Ranch, or @riseandrideranch on Tiktok, offers private horseback rides, horseback riding lessons, and meet and greets which are a great way for young kids to interact with the horses without riding them.

However, it looks like they also have specialty rides that they offer. Like Glow in the Dark rides where the horses are outfitted with led lights to guide the way:

And summer rides where you can visit a nearby lake to cool off:

But, Rise and Ride Ranch also uses their Tiktok account to show off their horses' unique personalities. Like this horse who very clearly walks up to a human and spins around to show her that he needs some help:

And this guy who got a snack through the window ONE time and now expects nothing less:

Whether they're showing off their offered experiences or goofy horse moments, it's clear that the people running Rise and Ride Ranch love their horses.

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In fact, you can find their care plan for all of their horses on their website. It includes things like keeping rides short, the horses' meal plans, and, of course, stretching before and after rides:

If you're in the Southwest Michigan area and have a desire to experience horseback riding, check out Rise and Ride Ranch in Allegan.

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