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And you can't tell me I'm alone in this! There's just something about faded lines and patchwork pavement that makes all the rules fly right out the car window, am I right?

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Ask any of my friends and family and they will tell you: I'm a notorious rule-follower.

They exist for a reason!  Especially like, say, when it comes to the rules of the road. I mean, I'm not just using my turn signal for fun and games here; I'll never understand why some drivers think they're optional.

Gull Road Meijer, Kalamazoo MI
Gull Road Meijer, Kalamazoo MI - Lauren G/TSM

Parking lots, however, seem to be a completely different story.

According to TransLine Inc 20% of all vehicle accidents occur in a parking lot which accounts for 60,000 people injured each year.

These parking lot accidents can be chalked up to distracted driving or simply user error, but what makes the Meijer parking lot such a lawless land in particular?

Think about your local Meijer parking lot; or any Meijer parking lot for that matter-- how many close calls have you had there? For me it's been too many to count!

Gull Road Meijer Kalamazoo MI
Gull Road Meijer Kalamazoo MI - Lauren G/TSM

Specifically I'm thinking of my local Meijer on Gull Road in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I constantly see drivers zigging and zagging through the parking lot as if they're following some imaginary parking lines that the rest of us can't see.

And don't even get me started on the stop signs that every driver thinks of more as a suggestion than a requirement.

So, how do you stay safe even when you're not quite on the road? The National Safety Council recommends the following:

  • Stay in lanes and avoid cutting across lots
  • Drive slowly and use directional signals
  • Anticipate the actions of other drivers
  • Obey stop signs and no-parking signs
  • When backing out, be mindful of vehicles and pedestrians
  • Watch for small children and parents with baby strollers

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