Kalamazoo, Michigan could hit 100° on 3 separate days next week while all of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio experience a massive heatwave.

From mail carriers to road construction workers the week of June 17th will be a tough one for anyone who works outdoors.  Not to mention, the animals and elderly people we care about will need extra attention.  More on that later in the article.  Right now, let's check out the weather outlook for Southwest Michigan next week.

Michigan High Temps
National Weather Service (NOAA)
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Kalamazoo Heatwave Forecast from The National Weather Service 

  • Sunday, June 16th: Sunny with a high near 90.
  • Sunday Night: Cloudy with a low of around 73.
  • Monday, June 17th: Sunny with a high near 98.
  • Monday Night: Cloudy with a low of around 74.
  • Tuesday, June 18th: Sunny with a high near 94.
  • Tuesday Night: Cloudy with a low of around 73.
  • Juneteenth: Sunny with a high near 94.
  • Wednesday Night: Cloudy with a low of around 70.
  • Thursday, June 20th: Sunny with a high near 92.

Using 30-year weather averages from the National Weather Service, Kalamazoo's average high in June is 80.  The hottest June day in Kalamazoo history was 102°.  The hottest day in Kalamazoo history was July 13th, 1936 when we hit 109.

Kalamazoo will be the hottest spot in Michigan Monday with a predicted high of 98.  We can't rule Tuesday or Wednesday out for near 100-degree highs.  Michigan is not alone in this heatwave as the entire states of Indiana and Ohio have predicted high temps ranging from 96 to 99 degrees on Monday.

Michigan heatwave, Indiana Heatwave, Ohio Heatwave
National Weather Service (NOAA)


When temps soar into the upper 80s and beyond, we should always be mindful of mail carriers (and other delivery drivers,) outdoor pets, and elderly people in our community.  Please check on those near you next week.  Don't leave your animals without shelter for too long and why not put a cool out for your delivery people with beverages?

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