As more companies move their businesses online, many Michigan residents rely on buying many of their products online. And Amazon is a great one-stop online shop to buy home goods and more. But the company has issued a safety recall that includes products sold in Michigan and Amazon is urging customers to check their recent purchases.


Amazon Safety Recall Includes Products Sold In Michigan

Amazon is also known as the 'everything store' in Michigan and around the globe. And Amazon lives up to that name by offering products and services that make life convenient including grocery services, media, home goods, clothing, and more. With so many items to keep track of, there are a lot of products to ensure are up to quality standards. And Amazon is addressing safety concerns on several products sold on its website.

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According to the Amazon website, the company is proactive about customer safety and pulling any items that could pose potential harm to consumers:

Our Product Safety Team proactively investigates and addresses reported safety complaints and incidents to ensure protection from potential product-related safety risks. We closely monitor public recall alert websites and receive notifications from vendors and sellers. Upon discovering a product recall, we immediately halt affected product offerings and promptly inform customers and sellers about the recall.

Amazon's website allows you to see if your past orders have been recalled and you can check the list below of ten items sold in Michigan under the urgent safety recall.

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10 Amazon Items Sold in Michigan Now Under Urgent Recall

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