Being, perhaps, a lifelong Michigander, you likely wouldn't think anything looks odd about a box with a stop sign hanging over an intersection when driving the roads around the state. However, they are a 'Michigan Thing.' They are almost exclusive to the state and not seen anywhere else in the country.

The concept was recently shared to a Facebook group dedicated to odd road signs. Many knew instantly the 'stop box' was instantly identifiable to Michigan.

The poster who shared the images shared his befuddlement of this pictured intersection which happens to be in the Flint area at Genesee and Lapeer Roads.

Came across this randomly and it’s just wild to me. I call it a Stop Box. If you jump up into it like Mario, does it turn into another random sign?
There’s also regular four-way stop signs on every corner so it’s interesting that they thought they needed this too

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What a great, and humorous comparison to the 'prize boxes' in the video game series Super Mario Brothers.

sign box and blinkers
Google Maps Street View

It's not just stop signs. The boxes can indicate any number of traffic guiding messages.

Commenters were quick to share the Michigan-ness of the stop sign boxes.

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I recognize Michigan immediately!

I can tell it's Michigan without even looking it up. It's the ONLY state that does that (don't know why).

I usually call them sign cubes as they also can hold one way, do not enter, left turn lane and no left turn signage. Seem to be a Michigan thing. Never seen them anywhere else in the nation.

I have always loved Michigan's backlit box signs. I wish more places had them.

Something a small and overlooked as a traffic device - some say are a Michigan thing that should go national.

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