There's something magical about the Northern Michigan woods. Nearly all who visit would agree. But that majestic splendor can quickly turn to terror after the sun sets as a group of sisters found one summer night.

An incident with a terrifying creature in the woods haunts them years after the sighting.

In a story shared on Reddit, a woman tells of spending time at her grandparents' place southwest of Traverse City - think vast rural areas between there and Cadillac outside places like Mesick, Manton and Kingsley.

The woman and her sisters were riding a golf cart on trails through the woods on the family property.

We drove up toward the field, and once we got through the trees into the field, I drove about 100 feet in and saw this figure a ways ahead of me. It was probably 10 feet tall, was humanly shaped. It’s legs kind of dragged as it walked, and it was hunched over, and it’s arms looked semi detached and dangled. It’s face was kind of a gaping black hole, but I saw what I thought was a dangling eye. My 9 year old sister saw it too, and it began to kind of run toward us and I whipped the cart around and sped home.

Adults went out in search of the creature but found nothing.

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Many would be quick to think of the Michigan Dogman but that's not what this encounter is. The Dogman is seen as more werewolf-like. This encounter feels more like a skinwalker or wendigo as many on Reddit pointed out.

Both creatures from Native American lore, Wendigo are more closely associated with the north woods. They are cannibalistic spirits and may closely match the description of the sighting with its elongated humanoid appearance.

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