When Michigan drivers enter our northern neighbors, it's like entering a whole different world. Or at least another country. Many things look very similar just done a little different.

When completing the border crossing, customs check and all the formalities that come with crossing an international boundary, drivers in Sault Ste Marie at the north end of Interstate 75 get a timely reminder from a Canadian sign.

Perhaps a bit overlooked as a driver is attempting to orient themselves to navigating Canada, the sign at the end of the International Bridge at Huron Street in Sault, Ontario, reminds how to read speed limit signs.

Welcome to Sault Ste Marie - Speed in KPH
Google Maps Street View

It's a busy sign pointing to the airport, downtown, tourist information, the major highway in the region, Route 17, and on the left-hand side, a reminder that speed is in KMH not MPH.

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That's kilometers per hour rather than miles per hour. And it's a great example of how many things are similar but different between the two counties - even the abbreviations differ. MPH = Miles per hour. But it's not KPH for kilometers per hour. It's KMH for KiloMeters/Hour.

So when you drive into Canada, if you've got an electric speedometer in your car, flip it kilometers or on a manual speedometer, look for the smaller numbers inside the curve.

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