The diseases website just announced that 14 cases of rabies in bats have been detected in Michigan and one in Kent County.

There are about 60 animal rabies cases reported each year in Michigan. About 90% of Michigan rabies infections are in bats the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says. Currently, 14 cases have been detected in Michigan, and Kent County!

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Is this scary? Should we humans worry about this?

The Michigan DHHS says to be aware because rabies can spread to people and their pets through an infected, or rabid, animal’s bites or scratches.

Bali Works To Eradicate Rabies Island-Wide
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It's not a pretty picture. The virus infects the central nervous system causing brain disease and then death. That is, if not treated quickly.

For us humans if we are bitten or scratched by a pet, or, God forbid, a bat or wild animal, we need to seek help and medical treatment immediately, before symptoms begin.

Vet taking temperature of a puppy
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For your dogs and cats, make sure you keep up with their rabies vaccine. How many times do you know of people who put it off, it's too expensive, they didn't have the time, etc. But it is vital that you have your pets vaccinated even if they are around kept in the house most of the time.

In a story from News4 in Detroit, last year, on Oct. 25, a dog in Oakland County began displaying symptoms of rabies so the resident took the dog to Advanced Veterinary Medical Center in Farmington Hills. A veterinarian determined the dog should be euthanized.

You don't want this to happen to your dog. Besides, the Oakland County resident who had the dog, even though not bitten, was exposed to the dogs saliva and rabies was present, so they had to be treated as well.

Be safe, and BE AWARE!


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