While there are many reported sites around Michigan that experience paranormal activity, few have the density of haunted places like Battle Creek.

The Southern Michigan Cereal City was a Spiritualist hotbed, the home of a legendary asylum and a bloody conflict for which the city was named. The city is home to a haunted apartment complex and haunted museum. But it may be a grocery store that is the most haunted of all.

The question came up recently on the Nosey "Neighbors" of Calhoun County Facebook group concerning the Bailey Park Super Market.

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Many shared that they have had unexplained experiences while shopping.

I go there often and I've walked the aisle and thought someone was behind me a few times but I just brushed it off.

I was standing up front getting ready to check out. I felt the presence of someone over my right shoulder. Then I heard the voice of a little old lady asking me if I am "seeing" something. Of course, it didn't make much sense. So I turned around to talk to her, there was no one there.

My family owns Bailey! There have MANY experiences! Lots of stories! It’s an old building, lots of history

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Some point to an unhoused man who lived in the area of Bailey Park in the 1980s. He was known as Walkin' Willy and is remembered to have been killed when struck by a car.

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