There has been some pain at the pump for a bit now, especially over the Memorial Day weekend. But it seriously looks as if we are getting a litter relief.

GasBuddy say prices are actually beginning to fall, and as much as 16 cents a gallon from the holiday weekend.

Oil Drives Gasoline Prices Higher
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Fox17 reported that the average price of gas this morning ranged from:
Grand Rapids - $3.53/gal
Kalamazoo - $3.50/gal
Lansing - $3.52/ gal
South Haven: $3.44/gal
Muskegon: $3.49/gal
Holland: $3.56/gal

Actually, our gas prices in Grand Rapids are all over the place.


While some places may be charging the average $3.53 a gallon, some are as low as $3.19 to as high as $3.79! That is a 60 cent difference, per gallon just from one side of town to another. What's up with that? A bit of price gouging going on depending on where you buy gas in Grand Rapids?

At any rate, GasBuddy says we are probably in for some good gas price times. With demand falling, Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said we should at least see lower prices for the month or so as we approach the 4th of July.

That would be a huge help for all of us since the cost of living is retreating as well.


Yes mask, No mask, face protective masks
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I still remember the "good old days" of the pandemic. Wait a minute! Was there anything good about the pandemic of 2020? Seriously!

The only bright spot I remember was the price of gas. in June, 2020, we were paying $1.97 a gallon.

Gas Prices Climb Upwards As Oil Breaks 100 Dollar Mark During Week
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Two years later, June, 2022, we were paying $4.98 a gallon, so today an average of $3.53 seems a real bargain.


Google Street View
Google Street View

Where is that $3.19 gas today? In Kentwood, BP/Citgo, 5200 S. Division!

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