The style of pizza popularized in Detroit - deep square pies with a crust browned and crisped with cheese - is really the unique story of the pans in which they're baked.
Atlantic Magazine's City Lab once took a look at how the 'city makes the pizza' and likely that's true in no place more than Detroit. The square pans used in making Detroit-style pizza were the same pan, according to legend, that were used to hold nuts, bots and other components on the assembly lines of automobile factories around the region.

It was the prevalence of these pans in daily life that took them from the workplace to the kitchen.

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We certainly hope those first pizza makers gave the pans a real good scrubbing if they truly did come from along the line.

Detroit Blue Steel Pizza Pan

Detroit Pizza Pan
Detroit Style Pizza Company

Authentic Detroit pizza pans are sold by the Detroit Style Pizza Company, which is not only a working pizzeria with locations in St. Clair Shores and Roseville, but offers pans, dough kits and more for making Detroit Style pizza at home or outside of Southeast Michigan.

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Detroit style pizza was once featured on CBS This Morning when they traveled beyond the better known pizza havens in Chicago and New York to discover pizzas around America. Here's what they found when they visited Buddy's.

Detroit pizza has been having a moment from several years as it's become a nationally recognized pizza style and chains like Little Caesars and Jet's taking the popularity of the thick square pizzas far from its southeast Michigan roots.

Old Michigan Pizza Joints

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