Reddit is known for its controversial threads and the ability to hide behind your opinions.

It is no different when it comes to venting about the city you live in. Grand Rapids is not safe from the venting sessions on Reddit.

There is a whole thread of conversation solely about the unpopular (sometimes true) opinions about the city.

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I decided to share a few. Do you agree with these?


This user, CovidGR, believes that Grand Rapids is

"not nearly as dangerous as people make it out to be."

Despite the 'Grand Rapids Has A Crime Problem' billboard downtown, it seems as though people have the same feeling about this.

"Lolol the way people [expletive] act when I bring up Division makes me cringe so [expletive] hard."


@sexylex222 Replying to @bobbybthrobbing GRAND RAPIDS HAS A CRIME PROBLEM #sexylex222 #bigsexylex ♬ GRAND RAPIDS HAS A PROBLEM - alexus

While I cannot interject about this, I figured someone may agree with another Reddit user.

"The old Intersection was better than the new Intersection."


This might be blasphemy for the Beer City residents to read. However, the user believes that it must be read.

"We don't need any more breweries and the craft beer scene is getting played out."

Reddit User, AlternateChris, expressed a sentiment that I can get with.

"The nightlife is absolutely trash and needs to move past 2014."

However, is that an unpopular opinion? Since like DeflatedGrapefruit may agree with my question.

"Is this unpopular, or just [a] known fact? Outside of Friday and Saturday, the place is a ghost town."


While I do not agree, it is an unpopular opinion that was shared and agreed upon.

"Mediocrity is a way of life in GR."

Someone seconded that statement with their own.

"Come visit Grand Rapids, where it's not so grand and there aren't really rapids."


No area of the world is perfect. Everyone will have something to dislike or disdainfully say about the area that they live in.

Grand Rapids has plenty of lovely and fun things about it. Sometimes you can have to chuckle about the things that could be better. However, let someone outside of the city talk about GR, then it's a problem.

Need a little vacay from Grand Rapids due to these unpopular opinions?

Here's some ideas for a quick getaway if you're looking to do something with the family.

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