Since I moved to Michigan, I am always looking for the weirdest and creepiest things that the state can offer.

Blame my obsession with crime shows like Criminal Minds.


When you typically think of graveyards, it is already creepy with the tombstones and mausoleums.

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However, this story of the insanely mysterious graveyard has taken the cake for the weirdest graveyard that I know of.

Have you heard of the Big Boy Graveyard?

Remember the story of Alice In Wonderland. Imagine being transported into the story but instead of landing in the Cheshire Cat's or the Mad Hatter's territory, you end up in a graveyard full of giant Big Boy statues.

UP Supply
UP Supply

According to the story from employees at the Upper Peninsula Supply Company, the graveyard came about after the Big Boy franchise filed for bankruptcy.

While the graveyard outside of Negaunee is no longer there, there may be a second Big Boy graveyard somewhere in the lower peninsula.

UP Supply
UP Supply

Well, if you have not heard of it, there were employees from the Upper Peninsula Supply Company that rediscovered the hidden graveyard.

"Who remembers the Big Boy Graveyard? To our knowledge, it's long gone, but discovering it while in high school was like coming across a hidden treasure. The legend lives on, from the double deck hamburger on down."

They also specify that this is not necessarily a graveyard.

"Now however, it is less of a graveyard and more of an entrance to a chained-off driveway to the dump site. Rather than lion guardians to the driveway, they're old, deteriorating Big Boy statues. They don't quite fend you off as much as the lions."

Does this graveyard still exist?

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