It's the best time of the year, It's Football season in Michigan!

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Michigan State University has announced a new security measure that's being implemented at Spartan Stadium that could potentially delay you getting inside.

Wyoming v Michigan State
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Going To A Football Game At Spartan Stadium? You Might Wanna Leave Early

Michigan State University announced that they will be adding walk-through metal detectors to Spartan Stadium where the Michigan State Football team plays as well as other locations on campus including the Wharton Center, Munn Ice Arena, and the MSU Tennis Center.

Indiana v Michigan State
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I don't know about you, but I'm always cutting it close when it comes to being on time. If you struggle with being on time the added security measures could delay your entry into the game.

Fox17/Al Goldis/AP
Fox17/Al Goldis/AP

Fans are encouraged to arrive early to avoid any delays.

How Will The Metal Detectors Work?

Hopefully, this will be faster than most metal detectors you've been through.


When you enter the stadium, you won't have to remove items from your pockets unless the metal detector alarm reacts. If that happens, you will be screened using a security wand.

When Will The Metal Detectors Start Being Used?

Fans attending the Michigan State vs. Richmond University this Saturday will be the first to go through the metal detectors.

This Isn't The First Time Michigan State University Has Used Metal Detectors

If you're a fan of Michigan State Basketball or other events that take place at Breslin Center these metal detectors will be nothing new to you.

Penn State v Michigan State
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While I hate waiting longer in line to get in I'm glad to see MSU stepping up its security measures so everyone can have a fun and safe time.

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