Let's be honest- there is nothing more adorable than a baby. Whether it's a human or an animal, there's something about their wonder, big eyes, and fresh faces that make us instantly love them. So, whenever there's a birth announcement, it's pretty exciting. Especially when it's coming from our friends at the John Ball Zoo.

Last year, the resident red pandas Wyatt and Wasabi welcomed a pair of babies. But they're not longer the new kids in town, there's a new liter of cuties that have joined the JBZ family.

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Thor and Becca, a pair of Lynx who have been with the John Ball Zoo since 2017 and 20023 have welcomed their first liter of kits! The kits joined us on May 23rd, and we're so excited for the new parents.

The pair got comfortable with each other once three year old Becca joined the zoo last year, and they're clearly already great parents. Look at how cute these nuggets are!

Jaime Racalla, who is an animal care supervisor at John Ball Zoo, shared that they are closely watching over the new mama and her little ones during their first moments together.

“Our animal care team is closely monitoring Becca and her kits as she cares for her litter during their first few weeks of life [...] So far, Becca has been an extremely attentive and natural mom, and we are so excited to welcome these precious babies to the John Ball Zoo family.”

The kits are currently unnamed, but I'm sure we'll learn more (and see more) of them in the coming months once they're ready to see everyone who comes to visit. And of course, congrats to Becca and Thor on their adorable bundles of joy.

You can visit the John Ball Zoo all summer long, visit their website to see hours and purchase tickets ahead of time.

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