I think pizza tastes great without any type of dipping sauce.

Credit: Buddy's Pizza via Facebook
Credit: Buddy's Pizza via Facebook

But other people swear that Pizza goes great with different types of dips including

  • Ranch Sauce
  • Garlick Sauce
  • Marinara Sauce
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Hot Sauce

A Michigan Pizza Chain Is Hooking Someone Up With A Years Worth Of Ranch

Credit: Jets Pizza via Facebook
Credit: Jets Pizza via Facebook

One of the most popular things to dip pizza into is ranch, and coming up on March 10th it's National Ranch Day.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Who Created National Ranch Day?

There is not set person that is credited with creating National Ranch Day but we do know who is created with creating Ranch.


According to National Today, Hidden Valley claims to have created the first Ranch back in 1954, on its dude ranch in the mountains outside of Santa Barbara.

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The Legend goes plumber-turned-cowboy Hidden Valley rancher Steve Henson first established the ranch and cooked for his guests, covering his meals with a tantalizing mix of buttermilk and herbs.

So now that we understand the history of ranch, let's find out what Michigan pizza company is giving away an entire years worth.

Jet's Pizza giving away free ranch for a year on National Ranch Day

On Friday, March 10, Jet's Pizza customers who spend $30 or more will receive one free 12-ounce bottle of Jet's Pizza ranch dressing.

Credit: Jet's Pizza via Facebook
Credit: Jet's Pizza via Facebook


You have to order online and you have to use the code Ranch23, while supplies last.

Jet's Pizza's social media pages will also have a giveaway for five fans to win a year's worth of free Jet's Pizza Ranch dressing.

There will also be other prizes available to those who participate, including Jet's Ranch T-shirts, Jet's Pizza Ranch Ramekins and more.

Jet's CEO and President said

“At Jet’s Pizza, we take pride in our ranch and we know our customers love it. The craze for our ranch got so big, about 10 years ago we had to start selling it in 12-ounce bottles, We couldn’t pass up on going all out for National Ranch Day. Whether you dunk your pizza in it, your wings, or dress your salad, it really is the best ranch.”


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