It seems like scammers never take a day off.

The Biggest Scams Today and How You Can Protect Yourself From Them
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Local and Federal officials are telling people that if they live in Michigan, they shouldn't answer phone calls from these area codes.

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What Is The "One Ring" Phone Scam?

The "One Ring" phone scam is a type of robocall scam that has been targeting people in Michigan and across the United States.

TSM Digital Team
TSM Digital Team

The scam works by calling a number and hanging up after one or two rings, hoping that the person will call back. When the person calls back, they are connected to an international number and charged a high fee for the call. The scammers make money from these charges.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is warning consumers about this scam and advising them not to return calls from numbers they do not recognize.

The State of Michigan has also issued a warning about this scam, advising consumers to be cautious when receiving calls from unknown numbers.

Don’t Answer Calls From These Area Codes

These are the top area codes you should never answer if you don't know who's on the other line, according to GoBankingRates.

Domestic Area Codes

  • 216: Cleveland, Ohio
  • 469: Dallas, Texas
  • 657: La Palma, California
  • 332: New York City
  • 347: New York City
  • 646: New York City
  • 218: Northern Minnesota
  • 712: Western Iowa

International Area Codes

  • 232: Sierra Leone
  • 268: Antigua and Barbuda
  • 284: British Virgin Islands
  • 473: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
  • 649: Turks and Caicos Islands
  • 664: Montserrat
  • 767: Commonwealth of Dominica
  • 809, 829, 849: Dominican Republic
  • 876: Jamaica

Don't Fall Victim To Phone Scams

If you receive a call from an unknown number and it only rings once or twice before hanging up, do not call back. It is likely that this is a "One Ring" phone scam.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

If you do accidentally call back, hang up immediately if you are connected to an international number.

What Should You Do If You Think You've Been Scammed?

If you have been targeted by this scam, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva
It is also important to report any suspicious calls to your phone carrier so that they can take action against the scammers.
For more information and to file a complaint click here

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