Van Andel Arena brings so many incredible artists, shows and experiences to West Michigan. It's not just the home to the Grand Rapids Griffins, Gold and Rise teams, but also a place you can see world class concerts.

But one of the things you don't see when you're at a concert at West Michigan's biggest Arena is what they do to impress musicians who are in town to perform for up to 12,000 fans.

Laura Hardy / TSM
Laura Hardy / TSM

Tiktok user @Han_marieee works as a Communications Coordinator for the arena according to her comments, and she posted a slide show showing some of the things she does at her job.

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She shared images of what they do to welcome artists backstage, and I've got to be honest: they have some pretty creative ways of paying tribute to the artists with snacks and treats.

Some of my favorites include...

When the JoBros came to Van Andel in November 2023, they themed their back stage after their latest single at the time, Waffle House. (Too bad we don't have one here in West Michigan!)

This awesome set up for when Morgan Wallen came to Van Andel Arena in 2023. While we may be far from his home state of Tenneessee, he had to feel at home with this set up.

They presented Justin Beiber with this custom skateboard during his last tour when he stopped by Grand Rapids. I wonder if he's ever riden it...

Oklahoma's Zach Bryan probably felt right at home in Grand Rapids with this 'western' themed backstage set up.

And this one was so beloved, Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, took it with him.

Those aren't the only ones she showed off- you can see the entire slideshow for yourself on her post. And don't forget to grab tickets to one of their upcoming shows or events on their website (or fee free at the box office.)

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