One of the reasons I love listening to morning radio shows and watching local tv newscasts is because you get entertainment and laughter as well as important information about what's going on in your community.

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These men and women become like a friend and someone you look forward to hearing and seeing each day.

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That special connection is why I was so bummed when I saw that another meteorologist is saying goodbye to West Michigan viewers.

Fox 17 Meteorologist Candace Monacelli Announces She Is Leaving

This morning while scrolling through social media I saw a post from Candace Monacelli announcing that after being at Fox 17 for the past seven years that her last day on air will be this Wednesday July 3rd.

Candace recently returned to the airwaves after having her 1st child.

Credit: Canva / Candace Monacelli via facebook
Credit: Canva / Candace Monacelli via facebook

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In her post Monacelli thanked West Michigan viewers for waking up with her for the past 7 years and said it wasn't an easy decision.

Monacelli spent the past few months while on maternity leave talking it over with friends and family and made the difficult decision.

It's never easy walking away from something you love, but I think she's gonna love her new job as MOM.

Credit: Candace Monacelli via facebook
Credit: Candace Monacelli via facebook

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Candace through different community events such as being a guest conductor at Ada's Tinsel, Treats & Trolleys

Candace we all wish you the best and look forward to seeing what happens next.

But until then enjoy not having a 1:30am alarm clock.

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