A licensed therapist named Taylor Palmby has concluded one thing about Slipknot after watching all 27 of their music videos.

You may have seen some of Palmby's HeartSupport videos, where she reacts to rock and metal music videos and analyzes both the music and the visual components of them. We've previously reported on her dissection of Slipknot's "Left Behind" video.

In a new video on the HeartSupport YouTube channel, Palmby explained the one thing she uncovered about Slipknot after seeing all of their videos, from a psychological perspective. There was one video in particular that led her to the conclusion, which was "The Devil in I" from their 2014 album .5: The Gray Chapter.

"Instead of masking our pain, Slipknot invites us to wear it. And what I know about therapy is nothing happens, nothing changes, no healing can be done until we bring the darkness to the surface," Palmby said.

"The band doesn't just sing about pain, they wear their pain."

The video included a snippet of Shawn "Clown" Crahan discussing his black leather All Hope Is Gone mask, which completely covered his head and was zippered shut at the mouth.

Photoshot, Getty Images
Photoshot, Getty Images

In the clip, Clown reasoned that the mask was indicative of some personal turmoil he'd been through during Slipknot's previous album cycle, so he didn't want to talk or be seen while wearing it.

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"Their masks tell their stories," Palmby continued after the Clown snippet ended. "They bear their own scars."

She went on to discuss how Slipknot fans share stories with one another and become connected not only over their love for the band and its music, but over their mutual pain as well.

"Maggots are courageous. They actually lean into the ethos of this band," she added.

Watch the video below to hear Palmby's personal story about how Slipknot saved her life, and to see the mask she had personally created to represent her own pain.

Therapist Concludes One Thing About Slipknot After Watching All Their Music Videos

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